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My goal is not to “fix” your problems but to help you get through life’s hardships without a significant crisis. I try my sincere best to be a safe place for you to share your life stories and support your journey.​


I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker (LCSW) with specialized training in mental health. I have various experiences as a clinician working with people with serious mental illness(SMI) to Co-occurring disorders. I also have experience with people with mood disorders and personality disorders. My clinical and research interests are 1) how culture plays a role in one’s life, 2) how to reconstruct relationships through reconstructing one’s unresolved trauma, and 3) strengthen one’s resilience to cope with life difficulties. 


Lately, I've been focused on assisting second-generation immigrant teens and adults in developing a strong sense of self and bridging the cultural divide with their first-generation immigrant parents.

I provide mental health care in English, Korean, and Japanese.


Treating issues including but not limited to…
● Relationship problems
● Parenting Problems
● Serious mental illness
● Mood disorder
● Personality disorders
● Complicated trauma
● Self-esteem

● Addiction issues in the Asian American population

​안녕하세요! 심리상담사 앨리 정입니다.유학생으로, 그리고 지금은 미국 사회에서 자리를 잡은 이민자로서 한인 가정을 돕다보니 많은 분들이 여러가지 문제를 가족내에서만 그리고 가족구성원 안에서만 해결하시려는 모습을 많이 봤습니다. 안타깝게도 어떤 문제들은 개개인의 노력많으로는 해결되지 안을때가있습니다. 그런 분들을 위해 제가 곁에서 가족같은 마음으로 성심껏​여러분의 어려움을 도와드리겠습니다.​


Columbia University School of Social Work, New York, NY. Master of Social Work, May 2019

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Bachelor of Arts, May 2014 , Senior Thesis “Effects of Loving-KindnessMeditation on Social Perception” Interdisciplinary Concentration: Psychology & Religious Studies: Prescription for Healing

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